What Makes A Great Bar?

There is a lot of different factors that can go into making a great bar overall. One of the main factors that defines whether or not a bar is great is the staff , service and overall quality of the food and drink served inside the bar. In this article we will look at some of the best and worst changes a bar can make in order to improve itself overall and attract more custom.

The Staff

The staff within a bar are the key building blocks of the bar itself and they ensure that customers are happy with their meal or drink and engage and work with the general public. When looking for the right bar staff it is important that they are trained or can be trained to a high standard , have good manners and a positive attitude.  Due to the nature of bars being licensed premises it is also essential that staff are trained to spot people who have had too much to drink and act accordingly to ensure that they are not drinking too much. If a bartender continues serving someone who has had too much and they assault someone in the bar then the bartender is at fault and could be liable for prosecution. Having poorly trained staff working in a bar can impact the customers and the business so it is important that they are trained to a high standard overall.

Food And Drink

Another important factor that needs to be considered before determining whether a bar is popular or not is food and drink. The food and drink served within a bar is often a clear indicator of how popular it is overall. A Bar with great food and drink will likely always have a fair number of customers. Whereas bars that serve poor quality food and drink are far less likely to relieve regular custom. One of the best ways in which a bar can overall improve its food and drink is by sourcing locally. Sourcing local food and drink means the products are likely to be fresher and of better quality.  Furthermore , locally sourced produce is often quite popular with the locals.

As well as sourcing good quality food and ingredients it is helpful if staff serving the food and drink are well informed about different dishes as well as drinks and how they taste overall. For example waiters can upsell drinks and recommend certain drink and meal pairings e.g curry with an IPA or red meat with red wine etc.


Overall Premises And Interior

One of the final factors in defining what makes a bar good is the overall premises condition and quality of the interior. Some bars have a run down look on the outside whereas on the inside might be well kept. The same applies to other bars except the other way around. It is important that bars are kept clean and the interior as well as exterior is kept well looked after to a high standard in order to ensure that people visit and are interested in the business overall.