Coronavirus Effect On Bars


The coronavirus has affected so many sectors and industries in so many ways, and with lockdown still in place in the UK, the future remains uncertain for a lot of businesses. Many businesses are saying that they have reached a point where it will be very difficult, perhaps impossible to open their doors again, due […]

How Is Double Glazing Glasgow Benefiting Local Glasgow Bars?

Double glazing Glasgow

Double glazing Glasgow has is popping up more frequently across the bar and hospitality scene in the city thanks to heightened awareness about the benefits of new windows as well as better overall prices. There are many different ways in which double glazing can benefit local bars overall.   Why Might Bars Need Double Glazing? […]

Non-Surgical Liposuction Glasgow | Fat Loss Methods That Don’t Require Surgery

If you have excess fat you can’t seem to shift, then don’t worry, you have plenty of options out there. An option for some people is to go under the knife but invasive procedures come with high-risks and may not be a viable option for everyone. Luckily, there are other methods of fat reduction that […]

Minibar & Grill History

Minibar and Grill in Glasgow is a restaurant which was started by myself, and two friends from university with a passion for food and the hospitality industry. After so many bad experiences we decided that it was time for us to open up an alternative for Glaswegians which would place a huge emphasis on great […]

Want A Successful Pop Up Bar? Hire Event Staff and Temporary Buildings

hire event staff and temporary buildings for an amazing pop up bar

Summer 2018 – the sun shone for three months straight, the temperatures were hotter than Spain, and the people of Britain had constant smiles on their tanned, freckled faces. It was a definitely a summer we will all remember. Beer gardens were overflowing with joyous people – everyone wanted to socialise with their loved ones […]