We Needed Woodworm Treatment In The Bar

It is tough times at the moment for our wee bar here in Glasgow. The coronavirus has forced us to completely shut, and with no money coming in for the past month, we are feeling extremely stretched.  The good news is that we are still here and we should be able to live through this outbreak and come out the other side.  We certainly like to keep optimistic during tough situations, which is why we have been able to get where we are today.  Without a positive attitude, businesses can suffer and fail at the first hurdle.  We strongly believe that a business must carry momentum through everything it does if it is going to succeed in the business world.  No matter what sector they are in, during these incredibly tough times, businesses have to remain positive, vigilant and resourceful if they are to survive.  We have faced a number of challenges recently, but it is always the unexpected ones that can be the most challenging, which is why when we were told we needed woodworm treatment we were shocked.

woodworm treatment

Why Woodworm Treatment?

Woodworm is quite common throughout the UK, and particularly in older buildings such as ours.  It is essentially small lice that bore into wood to lay their eggs, but over the years hundreds of these wee buggers laying eggs can weaken th timbre.  If the timbre is decorative, not a problem, but if it is load-bearing like ours, then it can be a major problem.  We had to get woodworm treatment from a UK expert in order to get the situation under control, and hopefully prevent it from happening again.  All of this whilst the coronavirus was happening, which meant a great deal of headaches for us.  Luckily, the essential services that remain active in the UK include property preservation specialists, and since it was quite quiet at the moment, they were able to come fairly quickly.

woodworm treatment

What Can Happen?

To be perfectly honest, when the building surveyed told us that we had woodworm that would need treatment, we were at a bit of a loss as to what exactly this meant.  Did we have worms living in the woodwork?  The truth was that although it is not generally a serious problem, it is one that you should have looked at.  Nowadays it can be treated quickly and easily, so as soon as you spot the first signs of woodworm, you should try to get it sorted right away.  Woodworm is a problem that once treated, will generally not come back for at least 10 years, which provides great peace of mind for people that might have the problem in an older building.


What Is It?

Woodworm refers to the wood-boring larvae of certain types of beetles.  The eggs hatch and bore into the centre of the wood searching for cellulose, creating a network of tunnels and chambers from which the adult insect will eventually emerge from.  This is usually visible from the tiny exit holes, and small chips of wood shavings on the floor beneath the timber itself.