Coronavirus Effect On Bars


The coronavirus has affected so many sectors and industries in so many ways, and with lockdown still in place in the UK, the future remains uncertain for a lot of businesses.

Many businesses are saying that they have reached a point where it will be very difficult, perhaps impossible to open their doors again, due to the financial losses that they have suffered.

In the UK there are around 100,000 bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants, and many of them are very concerned about their future.

The problem is, these businesses will be among the very last to open after lockdown, as they are very far down the list of what should be opening due to necessity.

The UK government has made promises to get the economy moving again, but many people are sceptical as to how exactly this will happen.

There is still np vaccine for the virus and without one, busy crowded places like bars and clubs will be unlikely to go back to how they were.

These bars and clubs depend heavily on the number of people that come through their door, since the average spend is only a few quid, they need the numbers to survive.

Since they are generally crowded and busy, they are prime spots for infection and spreading the virus.

The proposal being made by a lot of people is to open with limited capacity, using the one-in-one-out method that has been employed by most shops and supermarkets.

But this model may not work for pubs and clubs, with rely heavily on the social aspect that is inherent with their businesses.

Many bar and pub owners are saying that they would much rather just stay closed altogether than reopen with restrictions in place.

After all, no one wants to eat in an empty restaurant, or sit 2 meters apart in a bar, or even dance 2 meters apart on a dance floor.

Bars like ours are facing lots of challenges, but this is the greatest one yet.