Dental Practice Glasgow | How Food and Drink Affect Your Teeth

It’s no secret that eating certain foods and drinks can be bad for your teeth, whilst some are well known, others may take you by surprise. Here is how different food and drink can affect your teeth, as well as when to visit your dental practice in Glasgow.

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A surprising number of people prefer sucking or chewing on ice instead of drinking water. Whilst this is good for keeping you hydrated, cool and healthy, it can also be extremely damaging for your teeth. Chewing or biting on hard substances, such as ice, can make your teeth vulnerable and damage enamel, get in contect with your dental practice in Glasgow if you have conserns or are experiencing excess sensetivity.


It’s no secret that acidic foods can erode and wear down your enamel, this can not only make teeth extremely sensitive but can leave them more vulnerable to tooth decay. So you may want to think twice before adding a squeeze of lemon or lime into your drink. Eating too much citrus foods can also affect your teeth. If you have mouth sores it can also affect them.


Coffee and tea in their natural form are both known to be healthy for you. The problem that people run into is that they add sugar to their drinks. Caffeine can also leave your mouth dry which can lead to a series of different oral health issues, coffee can also stain your teeth if you drink it frequently. The best thing for your teeth if you do drink coffee is to drink it with water.

Sticky Foods

When you think of sticky food, you may think of toffee but even healthy food can be sticky and therefore, bad for your teeth. Even foods such as dry fruit can be bad for your teeth. Anything that is sticky has the power to cling to teeth, which can make it a lot more difficult to get out from between teeth. If any substance is left on your teeth for an extended period of time it has the potential to cause problems. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat sticky foods, just rise out your mouth with water after you’re done and brush your teeth and floss thoroughly.


Crisps aren’t exactly deemed the healthiest food, what many people are unaware of is that they are full of starch, this can get caught between teeth, sticking to them and being tricky to get out. This can lead to a build-up of plaque, which can inevitably lead to tooth decay, this will require treatment from a dental practice in Glasgow.

Fizzy Drinks

It’s no secret that drinking fizzy juice is bad for you. Most types of fizzy juice are extremely acidic and this can wear away tooth enamel and cause a build-up of plaque. Drinking too much fizzy juice and not enough water can also lead to a dehydrated mouth due to the caffeine in them, this can also cause problems when it comes to your oral health. The best tips if you still want to drink fizzy drinks is to try and only consume them with a meal and drink water after.

Why It’s Important to Visit Your Dental Practice in Glasgow

Visiting your dental practice in Glasgow twice a year is essential when it comes to maintaining good oral health and keeping your teeth in a good condition. Going to the dentist regularly will help ensure that any problems such as a build-up of plaque are solved before they manifest into something a lot worse e.g. tooth decay, gum disease.

If you live in Glasgow but do not have a dental practice in Glasgow, then you may be wondering where is the best option. If you have dental anxiety there are many clinics out there that tailor their services to make sure you are relaxed and sometimes sedated to ensure you have the best experience possible.